Sadesati Report

Sadesati Report

Sadhesati of Saturn is usually painful and problematic from the mental, physical and financial point of view. The moment people hear about Sadhesati of Saturn, they get worried and fearful. During the Sadhesati of Saturn the person may experience laziness, mental stress, disputes, problems due to ailments and enemies, losses due to theft and fire and death of elders in the family might occur.

The seven and a half year period during which Saturn transits in the twelfth, first and second
houses from the birth rashi (Moon sign) is called the Sadhesati of Saturn.
Your birth rashi is Aries therefore the period during which Saturn transits in
Pisces, Aries and Taurus is called Sadhesati of Saturn
One Sadhesati is made up of three periods of approximately two and half years each, because
Saturn travels in one rashi for two and half years.

Normally in the lifetime of a person, the Sadhesati of Saturn occurs three times.

This report helps you to know the period of Sadesati and its remedies, so that we can get prepared with freewill to face the challenges.