Progeny Report

Progeny Report

Without child Life becomes incomplete, they are our future. Progeny report helps to know the possibilites of parenthood, timeline and covers solution for problems related to child birth.

Why Progeny Report?

  • Having problems in child birth
  • Delay in child birth
  • Lack of children
  • Having loss of children

Astrological Analysis & Report Indepth

Progeny report analyses both Father’s and Mother’s horoscope together on various factors in Natal and Divisional charts.

  • Strength of 5th House, its Lord and its placement. Afflictions to 5th house and its lord
  • Analysing Jupiter(Karaka of Children), Venus(Sperm for male, Egg for female), Mars(Energy of Sperm) Mercury(Seed)
  • Studying Various Conjuctions which creates problems. For eg. Conjuction of Saturn Mercury in Male’s Chart creates problem in sexual ability.
  • Planetary positions, bhavas (5th house), nakshatras, dasha etc influencing Child birth. Favourable period for conception and child birth planning.
  • Pitru dosha, Sarpa dosha and some other doshas also causes delay in childbirth or lack of children.
  • Connection of 2nd, 5th and 11th house.
  • Remedies and Solutions for Child Birth related problems.

Get Your Personalized Career Report

Our Career Report Consist of selection of career in best suitable field as per your birth chart.

We analyze your Strengths, Skills & potential to be Successful in particular career.

We provide favorable and unfavorable timeline, when your career will attain growth and when to take care of obstacles(changes in job or profession).

Remedies for Successful Career.