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Coral (Moonga)-Mars: Coral is ruled by the planet Mars and is a precious red coloured gemstone. Red coral is also known as Moonga in India. Red Coral is Red in color. Red coral is used to enhance the power of the planet Mars (Mangal). Mars Planet is the chief of the assembly of the nine planets.

  • Enhance Confidence and Courage
  • Improves Mental and Physical Health
  • Lick Lethargy
  • Better Relationships
  • Protects Against “Black Magic”
  • Overcome Character Flaws
  • Relief from Debt
  • Overcome Enemies and Adversaries
  • Overcoming the Lethargic Attitude
  • Protects against diseases related to blood, bone marrow and head. Ward offs several disease related to blood, body pain, allergies, inflammation etc
  • Can be worn in cases of diseases like piles, ulcers, boils etc.
  • This gem will increase physical strength and makes bone strong.

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