Rudraksha13 Mukhi or Face Nepali Rudraksha


It’s controlling planet is Venus and it is blessed by Indra & Kamadeva.

It enhances Vaak Chaturya, making one an extrovert and enhances the argumentative and communication skills.

Enhances wit, charm, charisma and brightens one’s aura which in turn attracts people.

Helps attaining the worldly desires and also helps in awakening the Kundalini energy too for the interested one.

Improves marketing skills and convincing power. Good for finance. Enhances aura and gives charisma and attraction. Good for diabetes and sexual disorders



We recommend Nepal origin Rudraksha, as it gives the wearer more than 90% effectiveness. We provide 100% original, best quality beads from wide selection, lab certified, tested with microscopic observations and copper coin.

Price may vary depending upon availability, size of bead, Contact us on [email protected] for various options available and more information.



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