Marriage Match Making Report (Kundali Matching)
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Marriage is the union of two individuals both physically and mentally  between a man and a woman. It is considered complete or valid even without consummation because the marriage is between two souls and it is beyond the body.  Marriage is an auspicious event and the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. The timing of marriage is a question that every man & woman at a certain point in anyone’s life . Astrological study of the birth chart reveals, the physical characteristics, mental aptitude or nature of spouse, the background of the in-laws family, happy or troubled married life, joy or sorrow from progeny etc. Knowurdestiny provides marriage report  to know the planetary combinations in horoscope responsible for early or late marriage, happily married life or strangled one.

Compatibility is must for any relationship, therefore  kundali matching is must for every couple. As without proper matching both partners life gets in trouble.  Through astrology, we can know the timing of the marriage i.e. late or early, love or arranged,  direction of spouse, characteristics and qualities of spouse.  We can know the Harmony and Longevity of marriage thought various techniques of Vedic astrology. Through our reports one will be able to take decision for going ahead for marriage or not.

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Astrological Analysis

  • Matching  Ascandant Lords – Friendly Lords denotes harmony in relationship
  • Matching  Nakshatras  – Moon nakshatras of couple should be friendly
  • Checking Gunamilan(min 18 points out of 36, exceptions in some cases)
  • Checking Kootas(Varna ,  Vasya,  Tara, Yoni, Gana, Rashi, Nadi, Rajju, Vedha
  • Analysing  7th House Strength, 7th house Lord & it’s Nakshatra Lord  Placement
  • Benefics in 7th House or Benefic aspects – Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mars
  • Malefics in 7th House or Malefic Aspects  – Sun,Rahu,Ketu, Mars, Saturn
  • Connection between 2nd House(Family), 4th House(Happiness/Home)5thHouse(Love/Purvapunya), 7Th House(Marriage), 11th House (Fullfillment of desires)
  • Negations  of Good houses for marriage – 3rd(12thto 4th house), 6th(Disputes/negation of 7th House), 8th(Worries),10th(Negation of 11th House), 12th(Separation/Isolation)
  • Assesement of Physical ability of Partners from 7th House, 8thHouse,12th house(Bedroom),5th House(Progeny)
  • Longitivity of Couple from 8th House
  • Manglik Dosha – Mars in 1,2,4,7,8,12  houses, also looking for Cancellation for the same. For Leo and Cancer Asc there is no manglik dosha as Mars is Yogakaraka for them.
  • Analysing Navmansha chart
  • Assesement of Venus and Jupiter placement
  • Dasha Matching

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Marriage matching is very complex subject as there are various factors taken into consideration. Marriage report consists of Timing of marriage, compatibility, Longevity, Remedies other astrological analysis.