Love Report

Love Report

Compatability is must for any relationship.  Falling in love with someone doesn’t happen every day, but  long lasting relationship and converting it to marriage is important.

Astrology helps to know the progression in love, compatibility and challenges along with suitable astrological advice and remedies. Our  analysis for Love Compatibility  is comprehensive in nature, helping you with the most accurate and reliable prediction which will clear concerns about your love life.

Love Report

Mostly People  get difficulty in their love life or unable to convert their love into marriage, our love report looks to be a prominent report to assist you with your love, love life partner along with important suggestions & remedies to make your love life successful. Harmony of relationship is extremely important.

Dasha Bhukti of both the partners are important to be analysed to know which all houses are active during particluar period of time. If 6th(disputes) 8th(worries) and 12th(separation) house are active, than it will create problems in Love Life.

Astrological Analysis

  • Love is related to 5th House, 5th House is also Purvapoonya, We can access if your partner have past life connection.
  • Connection between 2nd House(Family) 5th House(Love/Relationship), 11th House(Fullfillment of Wishes)
  • Connection of above Positive House with negative houses i.e. 6th House(Disputes), 8th House(Worries) 10th House(Negation of 11th House of Fulfillment of Desires), 12th House(Separation/Isolation/Loneliness)
  • Strength of 5th House Lord and its Nakshatra Lord & their Placement
  • Aspects of Benefics and Malefics on houses related to Love/Relationship
  • Placement of Jupiter and Venus plays vital role
  • Dasha Bhukti Analysis

Through vast experience and analysis of more than 10000 horoscopes, we give best results  and give best remedies  to overcome problems and leading to Successful relationship.

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