Education Report

Education Report

Education is one of the most important aspect of anyone’s life. It is the basic foundation for everyone’s sucessfull life. Without proper education in today’s competetive world it is very difficult to lead a good Life, our report will help you to know kind of education you would receive, field you would do your best,removal of obstacles and remedies for successful education.

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Are you not able to focuss on your studies? Confused to choose best field?

Are you worried for your Child’s education? Worried for Child’s future?

Are you not getting desired results despite of your hard work?

Are you worried for your exams ?

Confused for Higher levels exams or studies? Will I Succeed ?

Should I Opt for studying in Aborad? Will I go for Abroad Studies?

Astrological Analysis

  • Analysing 5th House for Education and 9th for Higher Education, also 12th for Studying in Abroad.
  • Analysing Ascendant Lord and 1st House with other planet influence.
  • House strength, Lordship and its placement, Checking Benefic and Malefic aspects.
  • Determining Skills, traits and interest as per the planet influence.
  • Placement of Planets in their natural significations – Jupiter(Guru), Venus(Guru), Mercury(Intelligence), Mars(Action), Saturn(Stability/Discipline), Sun(Soul), Moon(Mind).
  • Rahu and Ketu influences on 5th and 9th houses.
  • Report will include life time education predictions, most suitable fields, favorable timelines, remedies for removal of obstacles to be successful.

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