Career Report

Career Report

Career is one of the most important aspect in anyone’s life. The million-dollar question with regard to career is, one should do own business or should pursue job, in other words to be self-employed person or being an employee. As per the individual horoscope we can decide which is the most suitable career ,and suitable career field. Through the Planatery placement , we can access the most benefic career selection. One would work with full dedication and passion if he would love his work profession, which depends on suitable selection of his career.

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Career Path

Once selection is done, another important aspect is growth. Our career horoscope report consists of planetary information related to cosmic energies, celestial bodies and their relative impacts on your career. This further explains as to why growth in your chosen career doesn’t happen. With comprehensive career solution, you can make your career successful. We offer trusted and composite Career Report 1 Year containing guidance and effective remedial measures to succeed your career.

Astrological Analysis and Report Indepth

  • Analyzing 6th House(day to day work) & 10th house(Karma Profession), which house is more prominent .
  • Connection between 2nd house(wealth), 6th house( job ) 7th house(business) 9th house(Luck) 10th house(Karma) 11th house(gains) 12th house(Loss or Career related to Foreign Country)
  • Placements of Benefics or their aspects on houses related to career.
  • Placement of Malefics or their aspects on houses related to career.
  • Placements of 6th & 10Th house Lords and their Depositors.
  • Analyzing D10 Dashamsa Chart along with D9 Navmansha(Luck).
  • Dasha Bhukti Analysis.
  • Placement of Saturn and Jupiter very Important for Successful Profession.
  • Timeline of changes in future by certain obstacles in Job or Profession.
  • Planets affection at workplace and their remedies.
  • Remedies for Successful Career.

Get Your Personalized Career Report

Our Career Report Consist of selection of career in best suitable field as per your birth chart.

We analyze your Strengths, Skills & potential to be Successful in particular career.

We provide favorable and unfavorable timeline, when your career will attain growth and when to take care of obstacles(changes in job or profession).

Remedies for Successful Career.