Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time Rectification

Birth Time is very important for casting the correct birth chart. It is the basic necessity, without which we can not have actual placements of planets. For any kind of prediction, correct birth time is needed, even differences of few minutes changes the placement of planets and nakshatras due to which predictions changes.

This report is for the ones who are not sure or who doesn’t know their correct birth time. Birth time rectification is the most tedious and complicated process, without proper methods and expertise it can not be done.

How we do BTR...

  • You will need to give approx estimated time.
  • We will note down important Life events like marriage, child birth, death of family member, matching important life events works best for BTR.
  • We will test influence of planets on different houses to match their correct placements. Suppose first house is influenced by Mars – Native will be energetic,hasty, short tempered, such way we can test placements of planets in all 12 houses.
  • Rasi, D9, Bhav chalit chart will be matched, using different methods.
  • Asc traits with starlords and other planets traits with personality of native will be tested.
  • BTR will include correct time, reasoning for the same, and will include prediction for 1 year.