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Natural Nepali Rudraksha
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What is Rudraksha?

Rudra is name of “Lord Shiva” in Hinduism and “Aksha” means “Teardrops”, thus, the combined Rudraksha defines the “Teardrops of Lord Shiva, it is considered as the divine or sacred Seeds.

Rudraksha works on different chakras of the body, they start cleansing and healing the chakras in very short duration.  From regulating blood pressure,  treating skin diseases, backache, headache, providing  relief from tension, phobia & insomenia,  and giving sucess in business,  education and relationships.Rudraksha is a sacred seed of a Tree used for the religious purposes as prayer beads in different cultures.

With the development of modern science,  many scientists have carried research for evidence  to support  the ancient beliefs about the rudraksha.

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Why Rudraksha Importance in Vedic Astrology?   

Rudraksha is considered to be Aksha(teardrops) of Shiva . It is considered as the divine & semi-precious stone, thus, it plays a significant role in Vedic Astrology too. Due to its sacredness, many Astrologers use it as an effective tool for remedial measures. Its common benefit is to spread the positivity around the wearer and give strength to overcome with the adverse scenarios in life.

How Rudraksha Recommended To The Native?

At first, the birth chart is thoroughly analyzed by an expert astrologer, based on the planetary alignment the suitable Rudraksha is recommended to the native to neutralize the negative influence of malefic planets and start receiving the good outcomes and peace in life.

What Are The Benefits of Rudraksha?

There are various benefits associated with different types of Rudrakshas, some common benefits of these Rudrakshas are:

  • It gives the results as per the previous deeds or Karma and also neutralizes the effects of bad Karmas too.
  • It creates the safeguard against nay mishap, accidents or unfortunate events.
  • Helps in making memory sharp and good decision making ability
  • It helps one to neutralize the ill effects of malefic planets
  • It enables one to relieve from the stress and relaxes mind
  • One who is interested in Kundalini awakening may take the help of Rudraksha beads.
  • It helps in maintaining peace and harmony.
  • It enables one to control stress, hypertension and blood pressure.
  • It enables to heal diseases and balance the energy to open chakras.
  • Helps one to increase self power
  • One attains financial stability in life.

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What Are The Different Rudraksha Associated With Different Planets?

The different Rudrakshas are associated with different planets and has their own significance in Vedic Astrology. The wearer is recommended to these Rudrakshas to reduce or control the negative energy of malefic planets:

1 (Ek) Mukhi Rudraksha: Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with the planet Sun and helps one to enjoy prosperity, stability of mind and elevates awareness to the wearer. One Mukhi round bead from Nepal is not available since last fifty years or so. It’s alternate half-moon in shape is available is from South India and.The One Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva and its controlling planet is the Sun.

2 (Do) Mukhi Rudraksha: Its controlling planet is Moon. Boosts self-confidence and controls a wavering mind. Helps overcoming depression and is extremely effective in building strong relationship. This Rudraksha is said to instill immense confidence in its wearer and helps him take right decisions quickly. For ailments like Cold, Cough, Headache, Depression and neurological problems and for good sleep.

3 (Teen) Mukhi Rudraksha: Its controlling planet is Mars. Boosts energy levels, overcome laziness and improves blood circulation. It makes the wearer fearless, courageous and enhances self-esteem. It helps in subduing the negative effects of Mars.

4 (Char) Mukhi Rudraksha: Its controlling planet is Mercury. Most effective for strengthening memory, improving communication, creative powers and for improving concentration and ability to focus one-pointedly. Enhances the intellect of students and is also beneficial for scientists, writers and artists.Increase’s memory power, concentration, focus and creativity.

5 (Panch) Mukhi Rudraksha: Panch Mukhi Rudraksha is attached with planet Jupiter and helps one to get the enlightenment and empower life with the essence of spirituality and religious deeds. Wearer gains the blessing of Lord Brihaspati and attains knowledge and wisdom in life.It is good for circulation of blood and also keeps the blood pressure in check. Very effective in chronic coughs, colds and sinusitis. Blesses wearer with Luck, wisdom, good health.

6 (Chah) Mukhi Rudraksha: Its controlling Planet is Venus. It is good for the intellect, stability in life and it aids in improving ones communication skills. Beneficial for gynecological problems. It enables the wearer to get the stability in life and enjoy all kind of materialistic gains with all ease and comforts. Good for knowledge, wisdom, communication skills and self confidence.

7 (Saat) Mukhi Rudraksha:Its controlling planet is Saturn. Beneficial for the bones, nerves, neck and lower back. It is believed to be good for financial gains. Seven mukhi Rudraksha is said to bestow wealth and pacifies the ill effects of Shani (Saturn). Reduces influence of Saturn Sade Sati and reduce delaying of results, gives stability in life.

8 (Aath) Mukhi Rudraksha: Its controlling planet is Rahu. Change the mindset of adversaries, strengthens logic and analytical skills. It is said to help in getting success in any work by removing obstacles. It is seen to protect the wearer from the ill effects of Rahu. It enables one to protect negative influences of Rahu and attainment of materialistic desires. One is blessed with lots of energy, power and fearlessness. Good for removing obstacles and hurdles and good for career growth. For back pain, body pain, kidney and liver ailments.

9 (Nau) Mukhi Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Ketu. Provides energy, dynamism and makes its wearer fearless. It is said to be good for career oriented women and is known to be good for the stomach, body pains and skin allergies, one to get rid of fear, anxiety, phobia and confusion of life. It brings success in all undertakings and removes obstacles in path and shows the path to spirituality. Good for energy, power, dynamism and fearlessness.

10 (Dus) Mukhi Rudraksha: Blessed by Lord Vishnu and it has no controlling planet. Provides protection against the malefic effects of all the nine planets. Highly effective in removing negative thoughts and wards off negativities. It is said to provide relief from court cases and inimical forces.

11 (Gyarah) Mukhi Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Mars symbolizing Lord Hanuman. It is extremely good in improving networking skills, tie-ups and man management skills. Improves self-confidence, mental and physical strength. It is believed to provide protection while traveling too. It helps wearer in making right judgment and high level of awareness, wisdom and consciousness. For self confidence, right decision making power, good networking skills, anger management and travelling protection.

12 (Baarah) Mukhi Rudraksha:It’s controlling planet is Sun. Helps in building name, fame, position, power, authority and enhances ones leadership and administrative qualities. It is believed to be good for professionals like doctors, lawyers, C.A.s etc. Good for people suffering from heart disease, helps wearer to release stress, worries and rules the shines with brilliance, radiance and power. For name, fame, Growth and Success,good administration skills and leadership quality.

13 (Terah) Mukhi Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Venus and it is blessed by Indra & Kamadeva. It enhances Vaak Chaturya, making one an extrovert and enhances the argumentative and communication skills. Enhances wit, charm, charisma and brightens one’s aura which in turn attracts people. Helps attaining the worldly desires and also helps in awakening the Kundalini energy too for the interested one.Improves marketing skills and convincing power. Good for finance. Enhances aura and gives charisma and attraction. Good for diabetes and sexual disorders. Removes malefic effects of Venus.

14 (Choudah) Mukhi Rudraksha: It’s controlling planets are Mars and Saturn and blessed by Lord Shiva. It is also known as the “Devamani”. It is best for all round luck and improving intuition which helps one in taking quick and right decisions in all spheres of life.. It blesses one with strong will power, courage and long term stability. It also helps in pacifying the ill effects of Mangalik dosha. Awakens sixth sense and helps in and taking right decisions.

15 (Pandrah) Mukhi (Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Jupiter and blessed by Lord Pashupatinath. It gives benefits of all the Rudraksha up to the 14 mukhi. It increases the power of visualization, decision making and increases wealth and good prospects of the wearer.Helps one to liberate all bondages, grieves expectations and dependency. Also inbuilt “to let go and forgive” within the native to enjoy the present. Best substitute for 1 mukhi, Nepal Rudraksha. Good for wealth and asset creation. Other properties similar to 14 mukhi.

16 (Solah) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Rahu and blessed by Lord Rama. It gives its wearer victory in court cases, legal entanglements and adversaries. It is very good bead for people who are engaged in import-export business, pharmaceutical, chemical etc. Jai Rudraksha- for victory against enemies and court cases.

17(Satrah) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Saturn and blessed by Lord Vishwakarma. Excellent for people starting a new venture or business. It is believed to bestow not only sudden wealth but also spiritual powers as well. Good for land and property business ; starting of new projects and its success.

18(Attarah) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha:  It’s controlling planet is Mars and blessed by Bhumidevi.Tthe wearer of this Rudraksha remains free from most diseases and always remains wealthy. Ideal bead for those who are planning to launch a major project or changing their line of business and expansion of their existing business. Expansion of existing business, launching of new venture and good for land related business.

19(Unnish) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is the Sun and blessed by Lord Vishna. It ushers good luck and fulfills all material desires. This bead is believed to be helpful in sharpening business acumen and helps in easy accomplishment of all tasks.For good luck and fulfilling materialistic desires and for success and growth.

20(Bis) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Moon and blessed by Lord Brahma. It confers the blessings of the Trinity, all the nine planets and the 10 Dikpals on the one who wears it. It is an extremely rare bead to find and is said to bestow great spiritual and material benefits on its wearer. A very rare and powerful Rudraksha  which not only brings in luck and prosperity but is also beneficial for spiritual enhancement.

21(Ekkis) Mukhi(Faced) Rudraksha: It’s controlling planet is Venus and is blessed by Lord Kuber. The wearer of this bead not only gets enormous wealth but also retains his good fortune. All luxuries of life are believed to be available to him and he is protected from all dangers and evils. Preservation of wealth, maintain status. Never sees downfall in life.

Ganesh Rudraksha: As the name suggests of this Rudraksha, native gets the blessing of Lord Ganesh and attains wisdom, power, knowledge and success in all walks of life. Presence of a trunk like stem in a Rudraksha is called Ganesh Rudraksha. This Rudraksha is believed to remove obstacles, brings luck and prosperity and also give blessing to start a new work. As lord Ganesh is lord of wisdom and intellect it is therefore good for students as per our experience with the customers so far.

Gauri Shankar Rudraksha: It is the energy of “Shiv-Shakti” which helps one to remove the obstacles in marital life. It has the blessings of both the deities Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri (Parvati/Shakti), so with the blessings of these deities, one attains peace, harmony and abundance in life.

Sawar Rudraksha: One of the rare Rudraksha, which has two beads naturally joined together where one bead has just 1 mukhi and the other bead has multiple mukhis. It is beneficial for gains in property / deals. It is believed to be a good substitute for 1 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal.An extremely rare and powerful Rudraksha. It enhances success and fame in all spheres of life especially related to land and property.

Trijuti Rudraksha: This bead is also known as Gauri Path or Brahma- Vishnu-Mahesh (The trinity of Gods). This is a wonder of nature where three Rudraksha beads get joined naturally on the tree itself. It is said be an extremely powerful Rudraksha which is believed to give universal appeal and empowers the wearer with great achievements.


Pran Pratistha(Energizing) of Rudraksha :

It is always recommeneded to do the pranpratishtha (energizing) rudraksha before wearing  it for the first time for getting best results.

  • Select  An auspicious Day, Date and Nakshatra is selected to perform the pran pratishtha for wearing Rudraksha.
  • Vacant  the mind from  all negative thoughts so as to achieve a clear and positive mind frame.
  • After bath, with clean body and pure mind sit on an Asan (mat or clean carpet) facing East, North or North-East direction while performing the Pran Pratishtha Puja of the Sacred Rudraksha Bead.
  • Wash the Rudraksha with fresh milk (unboiled) and holy water(gangajal) . After this cleansing, Sandalwood Paste is applied to it and it is kept on the Special Aasan (Seat) made for it in front of Lord Shiva Idol.
  • Lit a Incense or a Diya in front of the Rudraksha and offer fresh flowers, fruits, sweets and Panchamrit (A special spiritual preparation made of five items viz, holy water, milk, ghee, honey and curd) with deep faith to Lord Shiva and the Holy Rudraksha Bead.
  • Close the eyes focusing on the Holy Rudraksha Bead and the Beej Mantra of the Rudraksha is recited for 108 times followed by the recitation of other Spiritual Mantras to appease Lord Shiva.
  • Touch The Rudraksha To A Shiv Ling Or Lord Shiva’s Photo And Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ For A Minimum Of 108 Times And Thereafter Rudraksha Can Be Worn Or Placed At Puja Place.

Beej Mantras :

One Mukhi             ” Om Hreem Namaha “

Two Mukhi              ” Om Namaha “

Three Mukhi           ” Om Kleem Namaha “

Four Mukhi             ” Om Hreem Namaha “

Five Mukhi              ” Om Hreem Namaha ” 

Six Mukhi                ” Om Hreem Hum Namah “

Seven Mukhi          ” Om Hoom Namaha “

Eight Mukhi            ” Om Hoom Namaha “

Nine Mukhi              ” Om Hreem Hoom Namaha “

Ten Mukhi               ” Om Hreem Namaha “

Eleven Mukhi          ” Om Hreem Hoom Namaha “

Twelve Mukhi         ” Om Kraum Sraum Raum Namaha “

Thirteen Mukhi       ” Om Hreem Namaha “

Fourteen Mukhi     ” Om Namaha “

Fifteen Mukhi         ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Sixteen Mukhi         ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Seventeen Mukhi     ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Eighteen Mukhi         ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Nineteen Mukhi         ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Twenty Mukhi           ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Twenty One Mukhi    ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Gauri Shankar          ” Om Gauri Shankaraye Namaha”

Garbh Gauri             ” Om Namaha Shivaya “

Ganesh                   ” Om Ganeshaye Namaha “

This procedure generates a Live Energy within the Rudraksha.


Care & Precautions :

  • Everyone can wear a rudraksha on regular basis(men,women,children) as rudraksha doesn’t have negative impacts.
  • Always take care of de-hyderation of the sacred seed, Therefore keep the Rudraksha oiled. Rudraksha can be washed with normal lukewarm water, than placed in Olive Oil orGhee Overnight, than kept under Sun light for some hours to Condition them.
  • Rudraksha should never ever be carried to the funeral ground or cremation. Even during the birth of new born or where new baby is born the rudraksh should be avoided there as well.
  • Rudraksha should be taken off during sex, bowel movements and menstrual cycle.
  • Rudraksha should be taken off while taking bath as regular soap and water can dehydrate the beads or while taking bath care has to be taken to prevent damage and to avoid contact with soap.
  • The wearer must avoid eating non vegetarian food and should not take alcohol. He should speak truth always and must visit Lord Shiva temple for his blessings.
  • Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people just can’t wear it. Their skin shows sign of allergy. So better not to use, Keeps the beads in Puja room and offer daily Namaskars to them.


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