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The earth rotates on its own axis and this rotation is done in one day or 24 hours. Earth revolves round the sun and this takes one year for one complete revolution. The path of the earth round the sun is called the ecliptic and the zodiac is a belt in the neighborhood of celestial equator extending 8 degree on either side of the ecliptic and measuring 360 degrees. The zodiac surrounding the earth is circular in shape and is divided in to 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each for the purpose of Astrology and each division is called sign (RASIS) and are named as under.


  1. Mesha – Aries (0-30 deg)
  2. Vrishaba – Taurus (30-60 deg)
  3. Mithuna – Gemini (60-90 deg)
  4. Karkataka (Kataka) – Cancer (90-120 deg)
  5. Simha – Leo (120-150 deg)
  6. Kanya – Virgo (150-180 deg)
  7. Tula – Libra (180-210 deg)
  8. Vrischika – Scorpio (210-240 deg)
  9. Dhanus – Sagittarius (240-270 deg)
  10. Makara – Capricorn (270-300 deg)
  11. Kumbha – Aquarius (300-330 deg)
  12. Meena – Pisces (330-360 deg)

Each sign derived its name from its resemblance to the group of stars formed in each division.


The Zodiac is divided in to 27 nakshatra zones (or) constellations of 13 deg 20’

min each for the purpose of Astrology. These Nakshatras are fixed stars and self-illuminated.

They are named as under:

1.Ashwini  2.Bharani  3.Krittika  4.Rohini  5.Mrigasira  6.Aridra  7.Punarvasu  8.Pushya  9.Ashlesha  10.Magha  11.Purvaphalguni  12.Uttaraphalguni  13.Hasta  14.Chitra  15.Swati  16.Vishakha  17.Anuradha  18.Jyestha  19.Moola  20.PurvaAshadha  21.UttaraAshadha  22.Shravana  23.Dhanishtha  24.Shatabhisha  25.Purva Bhadrapada  26.Uttara Bhadrapada   27.Revati

The nakshatras (or) constellations are divided into 4 equal parts and each part is called nakshatra pada. Rasi is equal to 9-nakshatra pada.

A Horoscope is a map of the heavens for a given moment which may be the birth time of the child (or) the time of an event taking place (or) the time of the query. Horoscope will contain the details of planetary position, Rasi chart, Navamsa chart and Dasa Bhukti details. Horoscopes are prepared with the help of Almanacs (or) Ephemeris. Rasi chart is a map of heaven which shows the planetary position at given moment of time of birth of child (or) time of inquiry.

Lagna means the rising Sign at the time of birth. Rasi means the sign occupied by the moon at the time of birth.

The rasis are also called Houses (or) Bhavas.

The Lagna sign will represent the first house.

When we count from Lagna clock-wise, the second sign is called second house. Like wise the twelve houses are considered while analyzing the horoscope.

Navamsha chart is a ready reckoner through which we can easily find-out the nakshatra pada in which the planets are posited.

Navamsha chart is also drawn in the similar manner of Rasi Chart .


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