AstroRituals or Pran Pratishtha(Energizing) Gemstones for Wearing first time

It is always recommended to do the pranpratishtha (energizing) gemstones before wearing  it for the first time for getting best results :


  • Select  An auspicious Day, Date and Nakshatra is selected to perform  and wear it thereafter.
  • Vacant  the mind from  all negative thoughts so as to achieve a clear and positive mind frame.
  • Sit on Aasan or on floor facing East, North or North-East direction while performing the Pran Pratishtha Puja of the gemstone.
  • Wash the gemstone with fresh milk (unboiled) and holy water(gangajal) . After this cleansing, Sandalwood Paste is applied to it and it is kept on the Special Aasan (Seat) made for it in front of your Isthdev.
  • Lit a Incense or a Diya in front of the gemstone and offer  fresh flowers, fruits, sweets and Panchamrit (A special spiritual preparation made of five items viz, holy water, milk, ghee, honey and curd) with deep faith to your Isthdev or Controlling planet of your gemstone.
  • Close the eyes focusing on the gemstone and the Beej Mantra of the gemstone is recited for 108 times followed by the recitation of other Spiritual Mantras to appease your God.
  • With faith ask the ruler planet of gemstone to bless the gemstone, wish for desired results.


This consummates the procedure which is called as “Praan Prathistha” of Gemstone. This procedure generates a Live Energy within the Gemstone for best results.


Donts :

  • Do not wear used gemstones(already worn gemstones of other). Gemstones absorb negative energies from our body, so it is not recommended to wear a used gemstone which contains negative Aura of previous wearer.
  • Do not Wear broken or damaged gemstone.
  • Never wear Gemstone without consulting an experienced Astrologer. Never Wear gemstones of 6th,8th,12th house Lords.
  • One must wear gemstones only if he/she has complete faith in God. As suspicious doubts in minds will hinder the positive energy of gemstone.
  • One must wear only natural stones, it must be natural, synthetic gemstones will not give any effects, always purchase them from reliable sources.
  • Gemstones represents the Lord of Rasi Planet, one must have 100% trust and should worship with purity to attain 100% results.
  • Proper rituals before wearing is necessary, without Beej mantras chanting the effectiveness reduces.
  • Whether you’re wearing your gemstone in a ring or a pendant, make sure that the bottom-tip of the gemstone is always touching your skin. Gemstones also require regular purifications and should be done every other time you wear them.
  • After wearing it is compulsory to do beej mantras for atleast 365 days for activation of 100% energy from your gemstone.
  • After Wearing, one must notice any behavior changes, health aspects or any other major changes within six months.
  • Never wear used gemstone, as they contain the Aura of the previous wearer, both positive and negative.
  • Never think for amount spend on gemstone as an expenditure to get 100% results, never disclose the amount spend by you on gemstone to others, the gemstone you are wearing is priceless, never compare it with monetary aspect.


Aum Guruve Namah…God bless….

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