AstroUnderstanding Karma

Karma – The Law of Cause and Effect in Universe, the sum of a soul’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fates in future existences  is known as Karma.

Karma neither rewards nor punishes, it only restores its lost harmony. It works like a Equilbrium(Pendulim).

Cycle of Cause and effect neither good nor bad, collection of Punya(good deeds) Paap(bad deeds)

Types –

Sanchita Karma – Total collection of Punya and Papp of Jiva(soul), in all Lifetimes.

Prarabadha Karma – It is the Finite portion of Sanchita Karma which will fructify in the present birth

Good Life – If punyas are more soul will enjoy present life.

Life with Obstacles – If paaps are more than punya, soul will have to suffer.

Agami  Karma – It is the Karma created in this lifetime(present life).

Some agami karma will fructify in current lifetime, while the balance will be credited to Sanchita Karma either good or bad…


Your Birth chart is nothing but footprints of your Karma.

Karmic connections are always there between relationships and our surrounding people. You will have some planets with same placements from your parents chart, many common planets between your and your spouse chart. Some zodiac keep on repeating in your surrounding.

Through astrology, we can know past life connections.


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