KNOW UR DESITNY.COM aims spreading divine light of astrology following the most ancient and scientific Vedic Astrology, our mission is to enrich the life of every person we come in contact with by providing excellence in Vedic astrology and astrological remedies. Our motto is to help people know their destined path…

All the predictions and analysis are done following ancient scriptures with the help of various branches of Vedic astrology. We are the one who provides remedial solution with proper reasoning of the problems and their solution.

In Sanskrit terms, Vedic Astrology is known as Jyotish. Jyotis + ṣa, Jyoti means light and Isha means the study, which means the ‘science of light’.

Destiny refers to the various situations we encounter in life, while free will is how we react to them through thought and action. How we react creates further karma, which then determines the future set of situations we will be destined to face.

Astrology is the Divine science to know the future, we can get ourselves prepared with freewill to face the challenges.

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